Gilda the Giant Sheep

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Pub Date: 09/25/2018

Pages: 44

Trim: 10 x 13

Publisher: NubeOcho

Imprint: NubeOcho

ISBN 13: 9788417123246

ISBN 10: 8417123245

Price: / $23.99 CAN$17.95

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / General

Gilda the Giant Sheep

By Emilio Urberuaga, Emilio Urberuaga, Ben Dawlatly, Rebecca Packard

Price: $17.95



About the Book

When Gilda discovers that the shepherds want to sell her for meat, she decides to escape. In the city she will be confronted with the cars, noise, skyscrapers, and unfriendly people. Will Gilda finally find safety, a new home and someone who appreciates her ‘’big’’ potential?

About the Book

Gilda was living a quiet life, but being so big made things more complicated for her. Now she needs to set off to find a new home.


Ben Dawlatly completed his masters in Hispanic Language, Culture and History with Translation Theory at UCL. He teaches Applied Translation at the University of Bristol (UK) and his technical translations focus on human rights and the environment, but his real calling is for fiction and poetry. He has translated several children’s books for Nube Ocho and for Neem Tree Press.Rebecca Packard worked many years for a publisher in San Francisco, copyediting novels and short stories, science fiction, children's books, and manga. She now lives in Southern California and edits all sorts of things freelance, specializing in localizing translated works for an English-speaking audience.