The Art of Folding 2

The Art of Folding 2

New Techniques and Materials. Fashion, Architecture, Interior and Product Design

by Jean-Charles Trebbi, Chloe Genevaux and Guillaume Bounoure

Published by: Hoaki Books

176 Pages, 8.88 x 9.63 in, 200 color illustrations

  • Paperback
  • 9788417412326
  • Published: September 2020


The Art of Folding 2 presents a wide range of creators who are inspired by origami and whose work with various materials draws on traditional techniques. Drawing on examples from nature, this second volume focuses on folders' know-how as it applies to art, design, decoration, fashion, furniture and lightning, architecture, new folding techniques and "intelligent" objects. In this volume architect and origami expert Jean-Charles Trebbi cooperates with the architecture partners Guillaume Bounoure and Chloé Genevaux, who specialized in experimental applications of folding techniques with new materials. The book includes ten folding templates.