Design, Create, Thrill

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Pub Date: 11/05/2019

Pages: 184

Trim: 7 x 10

Publisher: Hoaki Books

Imprint: Hoaki

ISBN 13: 9788417656027

ISBN 10: 8417656022

Price: $29.95 / $38.99 CAN

Category: DESIGN / Graphic Arts / General

Design, Create, Thrill

By Sara Caldas

Price: $29.95



About the Book

In this book, the author presents the perspectives of several authors and designers on how to achieve an emotional graphic design. Even though they are not absolute truths and there is no guarantee that if a designer follows those principles people will be emotional attached to the work, they will certainly bring them closer to that. Emotional design is a design that reflects on the crucial role emotions have in the human ability to understand the world, promising to enhance the quality of life of its audience. A successful emotion-driven design improves the relationship between the audience and the ‘product’, creating deep emotional bounds between the two. There are already many theories talking about emotional design in product design, industrial design, and even web design. But what about graphic design? This book aims to bring the graphic designer closer to delivering an emotion-driven design.

Designers quoted:

AUSTRALIA: Motherbird (Melbourne). BELGIUM: Teresa Sdralevich (Brussels). CANADA: Dejan Djuric–Leo Burnett (Toronto); Marian Bantjes (Bowen Island). FRANCE: Emmanuelle (Paris); Grapheine (Paris). GERMANY: Miki And Tilmann–The Simple Society (Berlin/Tokyo). IRELAND: Daniel Gray–Us Two (Dublin). ITALY: Benetton Press Dept. (Ponzano). JAPAN: Yuta Takahashi (Tokyo). PORTUGAL: Clara Vieira–Claan (Porto); Joao Machado (Porto); Nuno Coelho (Porto). SPAIN: Isidro Ferrer (Madrid); Javier Jaen (Barcelona); Juan Mingarro–Brosmind (Barcelona); Pau Garcia–Domestic Data Streamers (Barcelona); Rafa Soto–Herraizsoto (Barcelona); This Is Umami (Barcelona); Veronica Fuerte–Hey Studio (Barcelona). SWEDEN: Fredrik Ost–Snask (Stockholm). SWITZERLAND: Cornelia Nuenlist–Walker. THE NETHERLANDS: Kesselskramer (Amsterdam). UK: Camille Walala (London); Chineasy (London); Kirstie–Visual Editions (London); Luke Whittaker–State of Play (London); Jan Eumann–Wolffolins (London, New York, San Francisco). US: Aiga Get Out The Vote (New York); Brian Gartside (New York); Bridget Teixeira–The Phluid Project (New York); Candy Chang (New York); David Carson (New York); Dear Data (New York/ London); Matt Dorfman (New York); Adam J. Kurtz (New York); Milton Glaser Studio (New York); Erika Zorzi–Mathery Studio (New York); Gosbinda Vizarretea–Sagmeister & Walsh (New York).

About the Book

This book aims to bring the designer closer to delivering an emotion-driven design.


Sara Vieira Caldas is a Portuguese graphic designer based in Barcelona. After a bachelor degree in Communication Design at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, she moved to the Barcelona (Spain) to enrol in a Master Degree at prestigious ELISAVA design school under the same topic. Her final project has been awarded the Silver Category at the 3rd ELISAVA Professional Edition Awards’15. Her education brought her into contact with different areas of visual communication, such as branding, illustration, and editorial design. This wide set of influences sparked her interest around the theme of Emotional Design. Currently working as a Visual and UI Designer, she designs intuitive digital platforms for some of the most important banks and insurance companies in Spain, as well as for the European Commission.