The Galinos

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Pub Date: 04/12/2016

Pages: 40

Trim: 10 x 11

Publisher: NubeOcho

Imprint: NubeOcho

ISBN 13: 9788494236051

ISBN 10: 8494236059

Price: $16.95 / $22.99 CAN

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Nature & the Natural World / Environment

The Galinos

By Luis Amavisca, Noemi Villamuza

Price: $16.95



About the Book

Come with us to Planet Gala and discover all its wonders: galatrees, galabars and galacomputers. . . . But why is Gala in danger? Can the Galinos help to save their planet?

A book to help us appreciate nature and understand the urgency of protecting it through a fun adventure along with a group of very special alien creatures.

Luis Amavisca is a visual artist from Spain. He has written five children's books focusing on diversity, the environment, poetry, and peace. Princess Li is one of those books.

Noemi Villamuza is an illustrator of national and international standing. She was a finalist for the National Award of Illustration from Spain.

About the Book

An “environmental awareness” story, which is at the same time special, imaginative and funny.


A well-known visual artist and writer for kids in Spain. He has worked and written about equality, solidarity, environment and non-violence. He has published several books including Princess Li and The Galinos.