Share Lagom

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Pub Date: 07/23/2019

Pages: 108

Trim: 9 x 11

Publisher: Global Book Sales

Imprint: NHP Publishing

ISBN 13: 9789187815263

ISBN 10: 9187815265

Price: $45.00

Category: ART / Individual Artists / General

Share Lagom

By Various Artists

Price: $45.00



About the Book

Following the success of SHARE Vol. 1 & 2 this third installment combines the winning concept of high quality prints on perforated pages with the trendy theme of Lagom. Each featured artist presents a single piece of work along with companion text in a two page format. The specially designed LAGOM size book is optimized for its intended purpose: every page’s perforation encourages readers to pull them as individual works of art.

Photography and text granted by Amanda Axelsson, Annika Grenz, Beata Rydén, Daniel Zachrisson, Ellen Macke Alström, Ellika Henrikson, Emma Ekstam, Freja Troelsen, Gabriel Isak, Grab Design, Hannah Skoog, Hedda Tråcklare, Hilda Gustafson, Johanna Lepikkö, Jonas Abrahamsson, Josefin Holmgren, Jullia Lyko, Klas Tauberman, L J U N G, Lena Wigers, Love Hultén, Maisa Dabus, Majorskan, Marcus Gyllander, Maria Kaungs, Maria Leinonen, Märta Hansson, Mathilda Björk, Matt Porter and Francois Le Bled, Niklas Porter, Nille Faye-Wevle, Olof Grind, Rebecca Martyn, Robin Ek, Sandra Linnell, Simon Bendroth, SSM Smålands Skinnmanufaktur, Studio Esinam, Sunna Hansdóttir, Therese Ljungh Lindberg

About the Book

50 inspired artworks carefully selected amongst the best up and coming first published artists.