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Pub Date: 06/04/2019

Pages: 112

Publisher: Global Book Sales

Imprint: NHP Publishing

ISBN 13: 9789187815355

ISBN 10: 9187815354

Price: $24.00 / $31.99 CAN


By Aaron Tilley

Price: $24.00



About the Book

Executed in a manner that is playful, yet driven with tension, Tilley’s photography exacts an anticipation of the moment that is about to happen. Momentum is a collection of some of Tilley’s best work to date. His photography continuously captivates the viewer, leading us to something perhaps unexpected, out of context or that may cause us some unease but in a fun and highly-dramatic way. The aesthetic is bold and well-designed with each image portraying a story at a paused point in time allowing the narrative of the image to be interpreted by the viewer. With this, the viewer should enjoy the surreal element to the work and embrace this style presented throughout the book.

About the Book

Aaron Tilley explores the notion of narratives and storytelling through carefully constructed and captured still images.


Aaron Tilley is a London based conceptual still life photographer. He creates playful, yet sophisticated, imagery for a variety of international clients and projects. Within his work, Aaron particularly likes to take inspiration from every day, familiar objects but often adding a subtle humour by placing them in a fun and unexpected scenario. Aaron regularly collaborates with Art directors, Artists and Set designers on bigger projects. His clients include The Gourmand Journal, Kinfolk Magazine, Creative Review, Financial Times, Bose, Ford and Google.