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The Consortium catalog represents books from over 125 publishers from the United States and around the globe, offering the best in independent publishing across a wide range of subjects, including… READ MORE

Welcome, librarians

Libraries are the backbones of many communities across the country. Consortium is proud to support libraries and the librarians who build their collections and make books accessible to their patrons…. READ MORE

Books for all kids

Consortium distributes high-quality children’s books from publishers around the world. From Brooklyn to France to India to Iqaluit, Nunavut, all the way back to a publisher in our own backyard,… READ MORE

Let us tell you a story

ABOUT US Home to a community of over 125 award-winning independent publishers, Consortium is a highly regarded, full-service distribution company. We strive to share new ideas—some that may not otherwise… READ MORE

Join the team

Consortium is not hiring for any positions at this time. Please check back here for future openings!

Our Story

About Consortium Consortium grew out of a book wholesaling cooperative, established in 1985 in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota, to become an internationally respected, full-service North American distributor. Along… READ MORE

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There’s always that one person who knows about the next hot book before anyone else. You can be that person! Sign up for one (or more) of our engaging, lively… READ MORE

Booksellers general information

Consortium represents a diverse group of independent publishers that produce books in a wide variety of categories. Our website’s quick and efficient search tool allows you to search by title,… READ MORE


Consortium and its publishers are fiercely independent, just like thousands of independent booksellers across the country. Whether you’re a veteran bookseller in search of big books for the next season… READ MORE