Biblioasis is an independent press of just over six years based in Emeryville, a small southern Ontario town minutes from Detroit, Michigan. During those six years and seventy-seven titles we have become, as one of the deans of Canadian bookselling once said of us, “the torch-bearers for literary publishing in Canada.” We’ve been called “one of the bravest entities in Canadian literature” (The Walrus), “the nation’s literary troublemakers” (MacLean’s), and “a motley crew of quixotic windmill chasers.” Okay: we’ve often applied the latter description to ourselves—witness the press logo—but it captures the spirit of the Biblioasis enterprise. Perhaps it’s our proximity to the American border, but we’ve always done things differently here. We’ve shown a more entrepreneurial, international spirit; we’re less dependent on government largesse, and almost always more willing to take risks. We publish in a wide range of genres, including literature, poetry, criticism, history, philosophy, children’s, young adult, and pornography. Our Biblioasis International Translation series has already brought together some of the best new and established literary voices, in several instances for the first time in English: think of it as a twenty-first century equivalent of the Penguin Writers from the Other Europe series, without the cold-war agenda. But perhaps more importantly for booksellers, we’ve managed to get considerable coverage for our books over the last couple of years, including in the Guardian, The New York Times, Harper’s, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Nation, Library Journal, NPR, and a range of other national, regional, online, college, and independent media. We offer a range of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by American, Canadian, and international authors guaranteed to be of interest to readers, critics, and book reviewers across the country.