Catalyst Press

Catalyst Press is an independent press founded in 2017. At Catalyst, we see books as a spark or catalyst for change in the world. We seek to publish books that reveal the world from di?erent perspectives, tilting, reversing, or tweaking our own understanding of what’s real, true, necessary, or beautiful. Catalyst’s publishing program will emphasize books emerging from the African continent and about Africa but not exclusively; we plan to expand to publishing indigenous writers from other parts of the world, all with the goal of publishing literature that exposes the truth and pursues justice and peace. Story Press Africa, an imprint of Catalyst Book Press (United States) and Jive Media Africa (South Africa) is a collaborative platform for sharing African knowledge. Through the medium of stories (including graphic novels and young adult and children’s literature) we aim to place African knowledge in its rightful place among the knowledge of the world. We publish stories by Africans about Africa for a global audience: authentic, challenging, and frequently controversial visions of the continent that birthed humankind.