Enchanted Lion Books


Enchanted Lion Books is an independent children’s book publisher based in Brooklyn, New York. We opened our doors and published our first list in the spring of 2003, with a focus on lively, intelligent, and unusual nonfiction. In 2006 we branched out into publishing picture books from around the world, convinced of the value of sharing these amazingly rich and innovative books with children here as a force of cultural exchange and awareness. We select the books we publish with great care, and we look for books that reflect an individual voice or vision that we believe children will be inspired by and enjoy. We live with the books we publish long before they go to press, and we commit to them because they are beautiful and lively, thoughtful and full of feeling. Many of our titles evince a fierce belief in the imagination, exploring the inner world as richly as they do the world around us. Our books also travel across the globe, exploring Antarctica, northwest Pakistan, China during the Cultural Revolution, and the golden age of Arab science and invention. We have published books from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, and the Netherlands. In 2010, we will publish our fi rst books from Germany and Canada, as well as our first wordless book, which tells as good a story as you could ever wish to read. We believe that books help children to cross all kinds of boundaries and borders long before they do so through actual travel or experience. We therefore seek to give children books that will help them to feel that the whole world—with all of its wonderful, surprising, and very real differences and similarities—is their home. We hope you enjoy our books and that you visit us at www.enchantedlionbooks.com.