High Conflict Institute Press

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High Conflict Institute Press offers books for legal, mental health, human resource, and other professionals who deal with high-conflict clients and need solutions to get them through difficult legal, workplace, and other battles. Our top-selling titles are written by a pioneer in the conflict resolution field and other authors who offer fresh and unique strategies that support professionals who work with difficult people. Our other imprint, Unhooked Books, features titles that help anyone dealing with high-conflict people, difficult relationships, and personality disorders. Our vision is to educate and provide practical solutions for anyone dealing with difficult people and to improve the lives of people who suffer with mental illness—personality disorders in particular—by educating those around them. We got our start sort of by accident. After several years working at the Arizona Supreme Court and hearing the same complaint about high-conflict (the most difficult "difficult" people and cases) from those involved in family law, our founder, Megan Hunter, discovered Bill Eddy, a lawyer and therapist who had uncovered the source of the high-conflict problem. In Megan's words, "He was the first and only to provide an explanation and solution for the problem. Bill had written a couple of books, so I brought him in to train family court judges, lawyers, and psychologists. Of course, I provided each attendee with one of his books. The light bulb came on for nearly all of them and that was when I knew that everyone needed this information, so I quit my job and created High Conflict Institute with Mr. Eddy in 2007. The train hasn't stopped since." Bill kept writing books but his original publisher decided to take a different business direction, so we purchased the rights and started our venture into publishing. Our titles contain content that sells itself and has led to an unexpected but welcome burst of growth. Expect only the best from our authors for years to come!