Koyama Press


Since its establishment in 2007, Koyama Press’s mandate has been to promote and provide support to an array of emerging and established artists. This mandate is realized by funding and producing a diverse collection of publications and artists’ projects. Projects include comics, art books, exhibitions, prints, and zines. Koyama Press has quickly become one of the most important and relevant publishers working in North America today. The press has produced and given audience to the earliest work from some of the brightest emerging talents in fine art and cartooning, as well as publishing work by more established artists. The artists and books they have produced have since gone on to win a number of awards and accolades and influence the medium itself. Koyama Press’s pioneering approach to book publishing—one that places art and artists above profits and bottom lines— has made a dramatic impact on the comics, artistic, and literary communities both locally, in their native Canada, and internationally.