New Vessel Press

New Vessel Press, founded in New York City in 2012, is an independent publishing house devoted to translated literature and narrative nonfiction from around the world. We offer captivating, thought-provoking works with beautifully designed covers and high production values. We scour the globe looking for the best stories, knowing that only about 3 percent of the books published in the United States each year are translations. That leaves a lot of great literature still to be discovered. At New Vessel Press, we believe that knowledge of foreign cultures and literatures enriches our lives by offering passageways to understand and embrace the world. We also regard literary translation as both craft and art, enabling us to traverse borders and open minds. We are committed to books that offer erudition and enjoyment, stimulate and scintillate, transform and transport. And of course, what matters most is not where the authors hail from, or what language they write in. The most important thing is the quality of the work itself. And hence our name. We publish great books, just in a new vessel. Our books have received a wide array accolades, from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal to The New Yorker and O, The Oprah Magazine.