Secret Acres

"It can be hard making your way in the big city, and life as an independent comics publisher is no different. This publishing house came seemingly out of nowhere in 2006, and has been producing vibrant and essential works by the likes of Ken Dahl, Minty Lewis, Theo Ellsworth and Eamon Espey, ever since. Suck it, Batman."—New York Press, 2010 Best of Manhattan Arts & Entertainment "Not so secret anymore" (Douglas Wolk, Publishers Weekly), Secret Acres is a comics company founded by Barry Matthews and Leon Avelino. The company publishes story collections and original graphic novels with a focus on emerging artists. Secret Acres also sells and distributes its creators’ mini-comics and other self- published works. Secret Acres’ titles include: The multiple Ingatz Award–winning and Eisner Award nominated Monsters by Ken Dahl, a Best American Comics 2011 selection soon to be reprinted in a special edition Theo Ellsworth’s Capacity, now in its third edition, listed among the best comics of the year by the Village Voice, the Huffington Post (small press), and the Comics Reporter I Will Bite You! and Other Stories by Joseph Lambert, winner of the Ignatz Awards for Outstanding Collection and Outstanding Artist, and an Los Angeles Times Book Prize nominee Edie Fake’s Gaylord Phoenix, winner of the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Graphic Novel Wormdye by Eamon Espey, counted among the best twenty-five comics of the decade by the Comics Journal Secret Acres comics are available for purchase on the Secret Acres website, at comics conventions in which the company exhibits, and at the finest comics retailers and booksellers.