Street Noise Books

At Street Noise we make books that combine words and images in a powerful way, as in nonfiction graphic novels and memoirs. Our books have a radical, intersectional feminist, queer and inclusive vision, and seek to provide a platform for the voices of marginalized people. We see our target audience as mature young adults, as well as crossover readers. We are publishing books with subject matter that appeals to young people as they carve out lives as independent thoughtful human beings. We see our role as discovering and publishing books that are best described by the company’s tag line, “unapologetic, authentic, and politically relevant.” Street Noise was founded by Liz Frances, who cut her teeth as an art director and book designer at several of the big publishing houses of New York City. In describing her motivation for starting a new publishing company, Ms. Frances explains, “I am launching Street Noise Books to create a means from which truth can be told, a place to share our stories, and a way to envision a future where all people are free and respected. We hope to be a part of the authentic, thoughtful and emotionally honest life that our readers are building for themselves.”