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"Comics are a gateway drug to literacy."—Art Spiegelman, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Maus, A Survivor's Tale Kids love comics! Our beautifully designed and award-winning books introduce children to the joy of reading with original stories, endearing characters, and stunning artwork. The enticing comics format draws in reluctant readers and encourages development of both visual and verbal literacy. Teachers and parents alike reach for TOON Books to provide their children with a fun and illuminating experience. In six short years, TOON Books has earned more than forty book awards, honors, and notable “best of” recognitions. Our author roster include some of the world’s most renowned authors and illustrators, including Neil Gaiman, Art Spiegelman, Jeff Smith, Rutu Modan, and Ricardo Liniers. Every book has been vetted by literacy experts to ensure that the language and narratives are appropriate for each of our four reading levels: LEVEL 1: First comics for brand new readers, ages 3+ LEVEL 2: Easy-to-read comics for beginning readers, ages 4+ LEVEL 3: Chapter books for advanced beginners, ages 5+ TOON Graphics for Visual Readers Ages 8+ include both comics and visual narratives I acquired my own love of reading through comics. So did my children. I now hope to share this great pleasure with a new generation of young people as they enter an increasingly visual culture. Françoise Mouly Editorial director of TOON Books and art editor of The New Yorker TOON into FUN at