Tyrant Books


Though founded only recently in 2009, Tyrant Books has garnered the respect and the loyal fan base comparable to any cornerstone New York publishing house. Our taste is so well-defined that readers have begun seek out our releases without even having any knowledge of the writer or book. Our readers buy our books because they know what we publish, they love what we publish, and they know that we will continue to publish what they love, consistently. Tyrant Books operates as somewhat of a testing ground for today's emerging writers, whose work is initially deemed too incendiary or avant garde for the more mainstream audiences and presses. However, we have proven with all of our releases that our titles can usurp the attention and praise from both prominent reviewers and major press. Our first novel, Firework, was featured in Vanity Fair. Our second novel, Us by Michael Kimball, was chosen by Oprah for her 2011 summer reading list. Our American readership flocked to the shelves and online sources to purchase these books, and are waiting for what we do next. In a market polarized between the indie press and the traditional powerhouse, Tyrant alone has traversed this gap—and is hailed by the industry and the American readership as the only independent press whose releases contain some of the best writing of the past decade. Tyrant Books publishes what will last.