Uncivilized Books


A mini-manifesto: Comics are a way of thinking; a way to apprehend and understand the world. During the twentieth century comics were relegated to second class citizenship in the world of literature and ideas. Over the last thirty years the status of comic has slowly been changing. On the threshold of the twenty-first century, comics and graphic novels are poised to stand, shoulder to shoulder, with world's best literature. Uncivilized Books was formed to champion a new breed of cartoonists, unafraid to grapple with big ideas, unafraid to push comics into the future. Their books are dense, satisfying, smart, funny, and packed with ideas. The world is drowning in mechanized images. Comics—melding the artists hand with the latest printing technology—are the illuminated manuscripts of today. They are harbingers of a new visual literacy. They are the natural medium for the literature of now. At Uncivilized Books we envision a future full of cartoon philosophers, comic-book poets, graphic novelists, and doodler scientists. Words and images united into a modern tapestry of ideas. We hope to see you there.