Zuccotti Park Press


Inspired by the transformation of Zuccotti Park into a liberated space for organizing, advocacy, dreaming, art, free speech, and creative community, Zuccotti Park Press and its Occupied Media Pamphlet Series is founded to extend that spirit through the printed word and join in the advocacy of social change through public participation in debate, protest, and direct democracy. Produced by Adelante Alliance, a Brooklyn-based non-profit that serves the Spanish-speaking immigrant community, the goal of the new press is to produce accessible, affordable, pamphlet-size works by well-known and emerging voices who are inspired by a vision for a new society based on democracy, justice, and equality. Producing timely titles that address ignored, taboo, or under-discussed issues necessary for greater public participation will be emphasized along with occasional works of the imagination, poetry, and indigenous culture. Bilingual English/Spanish editions will be explored. We celebrate the printed word, the tradition of the pamphlet, and the important role bookstores play in protecting free speech and creating community. To quote Angela Davis, who will contribute a title to the series, "We transform the meaning of occupation. We turn occupation into something that is beautiful, something brings community together, something that calls for love and happiness and hope." The occupation of tent camps has ended. Join us occupy the conscience of the nation. We look to bookstores to support our new effort!