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The BreakBeat Poets

New American Poetry in the Age of Hip-Hop

Edited by Kevin Coval, Edited by Quraysh Ali Lansana, Edited by Nate Marshall

<p>Hip-Hop is the largest youth culture in the history of the planet rock. This is the first poetry anthology by and for the Hip-Hop generation.<BR><BR>It has produced generations of artists who have revolutionized their genre(s) by applying the aesthetic innovations of the culture. <I>The BreakBeat Poets</I> features 78 poets, born somewhere between 1961-1999, All-City and Coast-to-Coast, who are creating the next and now movement(s) in American letters.<br><BR><I>The BreakBeat Poets</I> is for people who love Hip-Hop, for fans of the culture, for people who've never read a poem, for people who thought poems were only something done by dead white dudes who got lost in a forest, and for poetry heads. This anthology is meant to expand the idea of who a poet is and what a poem is for.<BR><BR>The BreakBeat Poets are the scribes recording and remixing a fuller spectrum of experience of what it means to be alive in this moment. The BreakBeat Poets are a break with the past and an honoring of the tradition(s), an undeniable body expanding the canon for the fresher.</P>

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