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Award Winners

Feather Selected for 2017 New York Times  Best Illustrated

Just like its quietly determined heroine, Rémi Courgeon’s beautiful picture book has scored a big win! On November 2, Feather was named one of the ten best illustrated books of the year by the New York Times! 2017 judges Steven Guarnaccia, Marjorie Priceman, and Louise Lareau wrote of Feather, “[w]ith its bold colors and vivacious lines, Courgeon’s stylish, poster-like art is full of small, exquisite details that reveal poignant aspects of Paulina’s story, creating a deep emotional connection with a heroine who’s a fighter in more than one sense.” Earlier this year,

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on September 1, Feather also garnered high praise from the Wall Street Journal. Reviewer Meghan Cox Gurdon wrote that “to describe it . . . in hackneyed terms of female empowerment, is to overlook the gentle power and intelligence of this particular telling. Paulina’s triumph is distinctive, personal and refined. Mr. Courgeon’s shaggy prints, meanwhile, are composed in a striking way that now and then brings to mind the work of Matisse.” We’re pleased as a one-two punch to see Feather getting the praise it so richly deserves!

Feather | Rémi Courgeon | 9781592702107 | Enchanted Lion Books | $17.95 | 8/22/2017 | Hardcover

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