Consortium Services for Prospective Publishers

A partnership with Consortium goes beyond distributing books to readers. At Consortium, we value relationships and strive to understand our publishers' business and customers. We respect the identity of each of our publisher-clients and work to deliver personalized service in all aspects of sales, marketing, and distribution. A relationship with Consortium means enjoying professional, dedicated, and customized services at a level of quality not often found with other distributors.

Our award-winning community of independent publishers is growing. If you are interested in joining this community, we would be delighted to hear from you.
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Award Winners

Consortium Publisher Services

We take on a publisher as a dedicated list and work closely with our publishers' staff, acting as our publishers' sales departments and warehouse in the United States and Canada. We have a sales team of representatives covering the United States and Canada, and national accounts are covered by our in-house team. Our marketing functions to the trade are extensive and rigorous and our reporting, we feel, unsurpassed. Our online system gives publishers access to real-time sales figures on the web, updated daily and downloadable in a variety of formats.

Consortium's sales and marketing staff work from Minneapolis, Minnesota, with operations, customer service, and financial departments located in Ingram Publisher Services's facilities in Jackson, Tennessee. We are the only US distributor to have an overseas office dedicated to the US market (London, UK), and we also have our publishers' stock warehoused in Canada for ease of local ordering. The London office is the first point of contact for all publishers outside North America, advising overseas publishers and acting as a liaison on our overseas clients' work with Consortium.


Presales Meetings
Consortium sets up twice-yearly presales conferences with each publisher by telephone or in person. Presales staff includes key account and field sales representatives, and sales and marketing staff. Publishers have the opportunity to present their new titles material and discuss prices, print runs, covers, marketing and publicity plans with CBSD staff. For publishers new to CBSD there is a special, extended, presales meeting in the Minneapolis office. Other extended, strategic meetings for publishers on the phone or in person with our staff are available on request.

Expert Tools and Production Support
Consortium’s publisher handbook is available in printed and online editions to provide publishers with information on seasonal timelines for catalog production, general sales and marketing information, trade shows and exhibits, and reporting tools. We provide publishers with online tipsheets to submit new title information and a dedicated site to upload electronic sales kits.

In addition to reporting tools to determine stock levels, we also provide print and reprint analysis and coordinate with publishers on production schedules including warehouse deliveries, release dates, and timely shipping of titles.

Consortium offers a complete digital program, including short print run (SPR), print on demand (POD), ebooks, and digital asset management, through CoreSource.

New title catalogs for adult and children are published twice yearly. Each publisher is cataloged separately, so that every publisher retains its identity within the group. Consortium publishers can also choose to participate in an academic subject catalog and biannual gift catalogs.

State-of-the-Art Reporting
We offer a wide range of online reports through a dedicated site for our publishers that includes sales, stock, and backorder figures. Online reporting is updated daily and publishers can export reports into a variety of formats, including Excel. Monthly reports are also available in PDF format.

Marketing Support
Consortium provides clients with a comprehensive Marketing Handbook updated annually and online. We provide personalized advice on mailing lists, media strategies, ads, key accounts and all aspects of marketing. Our marketing department also assists with co op advertising and a range of other marketing support tools at retail accounts and wholesalers.

We offer a professional Online Toolkit, a free resource enabling clients to easily create e-newsletters; e-postcards; and book, author, and series websites, using automatically fed title data from the Consortium site. Clients also receive a free subscription to Emma—a leading e-newsletter distributor and monitoring service.

Other services include specialty academic subject catalogs; weekly and bi-monthly newsletters to booksellers, librarians, and academics; social media outreach; Consortium attended academic library conferences and booth displays; Consortium coordinated direct mail and advertising programs, event support, galley mailings to accounts, conference support and panel outreach, seasonal meetings to discuss forthcoming titles; Client support with free media and bookstore mailing lists; access to targeted library and academic mailing lists; access to a comprehensive media database, freelance publicists, clipping services, bulk mailing service.

Sales Conference
Consortium sales conferences includes publishers, if they wish to attend, (publishers can present their own books twice a year – once in New York, once in Minneapolis). This enables publishers to meet our sales representatives at sales conference and a cocktail party to meet the reps and other publishers. Some distributors keep their publishers away from the reps, so these meetings are pretty popular amongst our clients. We also holds seminars and publisher meetings at sales conferences on a variety of publishing topics. Recent topics have including marketing to libraries, maximizing Canadian sales and using social media in publishing.

Our Publishers

Our clients are well-known and respected publishers from all over the world – we pride ourselves on the international, award-winning aspects of our publishers’ lists. Among many other well-known independent publishers, our US clients include Akashic, Bellevue, City Lights, Cinco Puntos, Coffee House, Copper Canyon, Haymarket, Theatre Communications Group and Redleaf Press; our Canadian clients, New Society and Arsenal Pulp, our British publishers, Gallic, 3dTotal Publishing, Profile, Serpent's Tail, among others. From The Netherlands we have BIS and Frame, from Australia, Text Publishing, from Germany, Kehrer Verlag and h.f.ullmann, from Italy, Contrasto, from Sweden Stockholm Press, and from India, Karadi Tales. Please click through on our site to see our complete range of publishers and their lists.

Subjects covered by our publishers’ books include: Asian Studies, Children’s books, Current affairs, Design and photography, Gender Studies (including LGBT), Green politics and environmental studies, History, Jewish Studies, Latin American Studies, Literature, Fiction, and Poetry, Middle East Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Theatre and Film.

Extra Services

Consortium has various extra services included in our distribution for publishers.

Our publisher and marketing handbooks, which we give to clients to help them in the US (incredibly detailed tomes, the result of several years’ work at Consortium), guide everyone through the marketing tools publishers can use, in a wide range of areas including the chain bookstores, libraries, independents, educational and academic conferences, advertising in the national and literary press.

We include special sales in our distribution offering, for which we use Ingram Publisher Services’s special sales team. Ingram has an in-house staff of five directors and managers selling to specialty wholesalers, catalogues, websites, national gift chains, and to premium special markets staff and corporate sales. Their commission rep groups (approximately 100 independent commission reps work for these groups) have their own showrooms spread around the country, and they sell to specialty retail accounts (gift shops, museums, toy shops, health food stores and other non-book retail stores). The groups also attend around 35 shows annually, including all the regional gift shows.

Consortium also helps with some marketing to the trade: setting up events, trade shows, selling to dot.coms, etc, group ads. Consortium can help amplify the marketing support you will be giving the titles from your own direct efforts, along with ensuring fast, efficient supply to sales accounts. Along with our biannual catalogues, we promote titles in our academic subject catalogues (7-10 a year). We have a solid representation to the trade, specialist, including art, and academic markets.

Academic/Academic site

Consortium has a dedicated academic marketing manager, based in Minneapolis, to help publishers with specific academic marketing plans, including attending academic conferences across different subject areas, and providing lists and labels for direct marketing campaigns in all subject areas by request. 

Consortium maintains an Academic website that includes electronic submission for desk and exam copies by professors and tracking information for titles requested. Publishers can access and build lists based on information provided by professors. Academic titles are searchable by title, author, ISBN and subject area. The website also includes a list of title specific newsletters on a variety of topics of interest to professors.

Consortium attends six to eight academic conferences a year giving publishers the opportunity to have their books exhibited and sold for potential course adoption sales. Publishers can also participate in academic shows with the Ingram Academic (Consortium’s parent company) that Consortium does not attend. In addition Consortium contracts with Scholar’s Choice, Combined Book Exhibit and American Book Exhibit, that provide book displays at a variety of academic shows and events for a fee.


CBSD attends over 20 conferences and meetings annually-trade, academic, library, art, educational, gift and specialist. CBSD has stands at the London and Frankfurt Book Fairs, BEA, American and Public Library Associations, academic conferences, regional trade bookstore conferences, where we showcase publishers books and where publishers are able to participate.


  • CBSD has 5 in-house and 1 out-of-house national accounts members of staff (aside from the reps) to visit the buyers in the large US chains and wholesalers such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Borders, Ingram, and Baker & Taylor.
  • We provide all national accounts with new title data on electronic transfer and have dedicated national accounts managers to deal specifically with the buyers in the large accounts. We have direct feeds through Onix to many accounts, notably Amazon.
  • Our special sales staff, based in Minneapolis, works on selling titles work to non-traditional accounts and liaises with the Ingram Publisher Services reps and special sales teams for Consortium publishers. The repping is done by Ingram's groups.
  • Staff target special accounts including new ones, art and photography, school supply, small independents, gay and lesbian, other special sales, and as follow up after rep visit.
  • Events coordinator on staff to handle any special requirements for author events.
  • Well-designed newsletters are sent by CBSD to a variety of accounts a well as libraries weekly.

Other services

Logistics and shipping
We arrange shipping once a month to Consortium’s warehouse in Jackson, TN, from the UK, and have UK and European publishers and US publishers importing UK-originated books consolidate shipping, which cuts costs dramatically for each client. We work on co-ordinating shipping with US colleagues and with the shippers. We also do consolidations from Hong Kong direct to our warehouse in Jackson, for those publishers who print in the Far East.

CoreSource Digital
Consortium offers CoreSource, a set of digital services intended to enable publishers to participate in digital technology through e-Book conversion and distribution, digital print services such as short print run (SPR) and print on demand (POD)and online search programs such as “look inside” programs from, and Google search.