Seven Reasons to Join Consortium

Community. Consortium is not just a distributor, it's a community of publishers. We choose publishers based on their passion and market savvy. Our publishers are dedicated, mission-driven, and fiercely independent. They view Consortium as a like-minded partner who readily shares information and resources. Let’s be clear: publishers don't join Consortium just because of our services, they join because they share our ideals and want to be a part of our community.
Quality Sales Representation. The majority of Consortium field sales reps have been with the company from its inception in 1985. They are dedicated, talented, and impressive advocates for Consortium and the publishers Consortium chooses to represent. Our in-house sales people are skilled professionals with extensive experience in the areas of National Accounts, Gift, Specialty, and Mass Merchandise.
Expert Marketing Advice. Our marketing department offers unparalleled marketing support. All team members have worked in New York at large houses and have the expertise to walk you through every aspect of publicity, digital marketing, academic and library outreach, and advertising. We "think big" but also know how to tailor advice to small publishers so they spend time and resources efficiently. We are the most active distributor on social media and utilize these increasingly important channels of discovery to promote our publishers' books.

Personal Attention. Every publisher, large or small, has access to the entire Consortium team. There are no special handlers or gatekeepers. If you need to speak to the president, you can.

Global Reach. Consortium has an overseas office to assist publishers located outside the US and Canada with their American and Canadian distribution. We have the backing and resources of Ingram Publisher Services, the largest hub of independent publishing, providing international distribution for both print and digital.

CoreSource Digital. As part of Ingram Publisher Services, Consortium offers a complete suite of digital services for independent publishers. CoreSource's service offering includes digital asset management, ebook distribution and sales, digital printing, digital marketing tools, online sampling, and digital education. The service tracks activity, collects revenues, provides reports, and remits to publishers regularly. CoreSource constantly evaluates new partners to add new offerings to the service on a regular basis.

Publisher TestimonialsThey say the best advertising is word of mouth, and we tend to agree. Click here to read what our publishers have to say about their relationship with Consortium Book Sales & Distribution.

Prospective Publishers

Consortium develops partnerships with companies publishing a minimum of eight titles a year. If you are a new or established publisher we want to hear from you.

Required for Submission

- One or more sample titles

- An overview of your company and current distribution
- A brief overview of your current or prospective publishing program including a list of frontlist and backlist titles, publication dates, and author and promotional information
- Current catalog (if available)

Please send submissions to the following address:

Consortium Book Sales & Distribution
Attn: Publisher Acquisitions
The Keg House
34 Thirteenth Avenue NE, Suite 101
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413-1007

Outside the United States and Canada, please send submissions to:

Managing Director
5th Floor
52–54 St John Street

Email: [email protected]

T: +44 (0)20 7397 8458

Please allow 6-8 weeks for a response. We are not able to take calls to see if your materials have arrived, so please use a form of shipment that can be traced (UPS, FedEx, certified mail) that provides you with a receipt for proof of delivery.

For more information, click here to download a brochure.