What our publishers say

“If I could go back to 2009 and tell myself about 3dtotal publishing in 2019 I would be absolutely over the moon. Consortium has been alongside our company for every step of our journey to date, and we can honestly say they have been a cornerstone of our success. Their industry knowledge, professionalism and sales force has, and will continue to be a vital element of our companies success for many years to come.” —Simon Morse, 3D Total

“Approaching a decade of publishing, and while in the UK we’ve just moved on to our fourth repforce, in the US we’ve only been with Consortium and have no plans to move. They’re an inspiration in every way: they understand publishing and have helped us understand it; they give 101% to their publishers; the team obviously loves working at Consortium and has created a friendly family of publishers around them. The best!” —Stefan Tobler, And Other Stories

“Consortium is the place for smart, cutting-edge, out-of-the-mainstream publishers. Publishers know that they and their list will be treated with care and attention by folks whose mission is aligned with their own.”Elaine Katzenberger, City Lights Publishers

“Any success we enjoy as a publisher is a direct result of our relationship with Consortium. They’ve worked to find readers for our books—and have done so with passion, flair, and unshakeable commitment to literature.” Joseph Bednarik, Copper Canyon Press

“Consortium’s thoughtful guidance has been crucial to our evolution as a publishing company. They’ve helped us grow at a sustainable pace, allowing us to thrive on the business side of things without ever sacrificing our unique creative perspective. It’s a pleasure partnering with a company that shares our values and truly feels like an extension of our team.” —Reneé Yama, Co-Owner, Hazy Dell Press

“Consortium has completely changed the way Iron Circus does business, reaches readers, and approaches the market. We understand and have access to so much more than we did before, and their staff have been nothing but helpful on-boarding us as an emerging publisher.” —C. Spike Trotman, Iron Circus Comics

“It’s been over two decades that we’ve been with Consortium and we’ve never looked back. The CBSD team has become part of our team. Without exception, everyone at Consortium is always there for us, keeping us on track with deadlines, offering professional advice on packaging, getting out books where they need to be in a timely manner, liaising with retailers and wholesalers either directly or through the reps, and much more. Because we have been with Consortium our company is sharper, more professional, and most importantly, successful. We are grateful!” Judith Plant, New Society Publishers

“Consortium’s team of publishing experts offer exceptional guidance and support in the sales and marketing of Redleaf Press’ resources. They are collaborative, knowledgeable, and valued partners.” —Meredith Burks, Redleaf Press

“We had the good fortune to join Consortium the year we first published Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, and they have been an extraordinary partner ever since. They are the only independent distributor we would trust with our books.” Terry Nemeth, Theatre Communications Group