It’s Raining Cats--and Cats!

It's Raining Cats--and Cats!

by Jeanne Prevost

Illustrated by Amelia Hansen

Published by: The Gryphon Press

24 Pages, 9.30 x 9.80 x 0.40 in

  • Hardcover
  • 9780940719064
  • Published: September 2008


“The horrific overpopulation of cats is one of our country’s most tragic animal problems. Let us hope that this charming book will help guide readers to the obvious solution, spay/neuter.”—Bob Barker, founder of The DJ&T Foundation and former host of The Price Is Right 

  • Winner of the ASPCA Henry Bergh Award for Best Children's Picture Book, Fiction, Companion Animals
  • Honor Book, The Humane Society of the US Youth KIND Award, children's picture books

When Jim and his mom return home from the vet with Molly the cat after her surgery, Jim asks, “Why did we keep Molly from having kittens? I like kittens!” In this delightfully illustrated imagined journey into the future, Jim’s mom shows the many ways that Molly’s (and her kittens’) potential for multiplying would change their lives—and not for the better!

It’s Raining Cats—and Cats! will appeal to kids and adults with its delightful, detailed art that encourages looking through the book many times. This is the first children’s picture book to show, vividly and humorously, the importance of neutering. Animal groups and vets will praise it, since spaying and neutering are at the top of their agenda, not only to keep animal populations in check, but to avoid killing millions of unwanted, homeless animals every year.

Author Jeanne Prevost is an elementary school teacher who has also worked as a medical assistant for a veterinary hospital; trained puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind; and raised chickens, ducks, a goat, and numerous dogs. It’s Raining Cats—and Cats! is her first children’s book.

Amelia Hansen is the illustrator of The Gryphon Press titles Are You Ready for Me? and At the Dog Park with Sam and Lucy, as well as nineteen other books exploring the connections between people, animals, and the earth.