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Pub Date: 01/19/2016

Pages: 80

Publisher: Fence Books

Imprint: La Presse

ISBN 13: 9780986437311

ISBN 10: 098643731X

Price: / $19.50 CAN$15.00

Category: POETRY / European / French


By Anne Parian, Emma Ramadan

Price: $15.00



About the Book

The garden is revealed as both lyrical and mathematical in this explosive work. Anne Parian takes us down paths that always curve out of sight.

Knowing nothing about flora the large and small vegetation is represented by color or contour

Leave the arrangements of a few shared places to their number

One unhappy hour the garden breaks away from the image of such irrefutable diligence naming new patterns at its discretion

Anne Parian was born in 1964 and lives in Paris. She is the author of seven books of poetry and hybrid works; she is also a photographer and video artist.

About the Book

Lyric and experiment come together in new work by one of France’s most noted writers.


Emma Ramadan is a literary translator. She translates from Providence, Rhode Island, where she is also co-owner of Riffraff bookstore and bar. Her translations include Sphinx and Not One Day by Anne Garréta, Monospace by Anne Parian, and The Curious Case of Dassoukine’s Trousers by Fouad Laroui. She is a recipient of a 2016 PEN/Heim Translation Fund grant for her translation from the French of Ahmed Bouanani’s The Shutters.