Schiz, The

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Pub Date: 11/07/2017

Pages: 192

Publisher: Alternative Comics

Imprint: Spruce Hill Books

ISBN 13: 9780997221404

ISBN 10: 0997221402

Price: / $20.99 CAN$15.99

Category: FICTION / Urban

Schiz, The

By Bob Levin, Milo George, Austin English, Eric Haven

Price: $15.99



About the Book

Even in 1980s San Francisco, the five corners where art, law, sex, medicine, and madness meet is no place to live. This black comedy, written while the Go-Go Decade approached the peak of its collective consumerist psychosis, has finally escaped out into unsuspecting bookstores. Features nineteen illustrated interpretations of the story’s twisting, twisted, and kaleidoscopic narrative shifts, as drawn by five generations of superb cartoonists.

About the Book

An inside view at life in 1980s San Francisco, the five corners where art, law, sex, medicine and madness meet.


Bob Levin is the author of The Best Ride to New York, Fully Armed: The Story of Jimmy Don Polk, The Pirates and the Mouse: Disney’s War Against the Counterculture, Outlaws, Rebels, Pirates & Freethinkers, and Most Outrageous: The Trials and Tribulations of Dwaine Tinsley and Chester the Molester.Milo George is a critic, ghostwriter and editor who has written for Backstage, The Comics Journal, First Of The Month, the Metro newspaper syndicate and Studygroup magazine. He has multiple trophies from the UTNE Independent Press Awards and & The World's Toughest Copyeditor competition.