Snapshots of a Girl

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Pub Date: 10/13/2015

Pages: 176

Trim: 7 x 10

Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press

Imprint: Arsenal Pulp Press

ISBN 13: 9781551525983

ISBN 10: 1551525984

Price: $17.95


Snapshots of a Girl

By Beldan Sezen

Price: $17.95



About the Book

In this autobiographical graphic novel, Beldan Sezen revisits the various instances of her coming of age, and her coming out as lesbian, in both western and Islamic cultures (as the daughter of Turkish immigrants in western Europe)—to friends, family, and herself. Through a series of vignettes, she navigates the messy circumstances of her life, dealing with family issues, bad dates, and sexual politics with the raw honesty of a young woman looking for happiness. Snapshots is an amusing, thoroughly modern take on dyke life and cultural identity.

Beldan Sezen's previous graphic novels were Zakkum and #GeziPark .

About the Book

A funny and poignant graphic novel about a young woman discovering her sexual identity amidst both Islamic and Western cultures.