Stargazers’ Almanac: A Monthly Guide to the Stars and Planets 2021

Stargazers' Almanac: A Monthly Guide to the Stars and Planets 2021


Stargazers Almanac

by Bob Mizon

Published by: Floris Books

32 pages, 16.80 x 12.00 in, colour illustrations

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781782506423
  • Published: June 2020


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Explore the night skies with this beautiful illustrated monthly guide to the stars and planets.

This large-format almanac allows you to step outside and track the planets, locate the Milky Way, recognise the constellations of the zodiac and watch meteor showers.

Stargazers' Almanac 2021 is a beautiful month-by-month guide to the night skies. It's designed specifically for naked-eye astronomy – no telescope required! – making it ideal for beginners, children and backyard astronomers. It is a perennially popular Christmas gift – and one which lasts the whole year round.

Each monthly chart features two views of the night sky, looking north and south, and a visual guide to the phases of the moon and the movements of the planets.

Stargazers' Almanac 2021 also features:

  • Advice on how to navigate the night sky
  • Overhead reference map of the sky
  • Reference plan of constellations
  • Glossary of constellations and Latin names
  • Glossary of brightness of stars
  • Guide to the signs of the zodiac and how they relate to the stars
  • Loop and eyelet for easy wall hanging; presented in a sturdy cardboard gift envelope
  • Suitable for astronomy enthusiasts throughout the Northern Hemisphere's temperate (non-tropical) latitudes.