Names of Rivers
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Pub Date: 06/01/2002

Pages: 270

Publisher: Akashic Books

Imprint: Akashic Books

ISBN 13: 9781888451290

ISBN 10: 1888451297

Price: / $25.50 CAN$21.00

Category: FICTION / Literary

Names of Rivers

By Daniel Buckman

Price: $21.00



About the Book

A tightly crafted search for redemption within the shadows of a family’s past. Set in a rustbelt town south of Chicago, this is the story of Bruno Konick, a troubled veteran of World War II, and his grandson Luke, a boy forever dreaming of heroism in a post-Vietnam America. Examining the relationships between fathers and sons, between men and hictory, this novel echoes Hemingway's actuality, and Buckman’s vision heeds Faulkner's call for basic humanity.

"[Water in Darkness] should carry an R-rating, but unlike the average movie, it earns these elements . . ."
—Publishers Weekly

Daniel Buckman was born in 1967 and served as a paratrooper with the US Army. He lives in Chicago.

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About the Book

A novel examining the complex relationships between fathers and sons, between men and history.