Names of Rivers

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Pub Date: 06/01/2002

Pages: 270

Publisher: Akashic Books

Imprint: Akashic Books

ISBN 13: 9781888451290

ISBN 10: 1888451297

Price: $21.00 / $25.50 CAN

Category: FICTION / Literary

Names of Rivers

By Daniel Buckman

Price: $21.00



About the Book

A tightly crafted search for redemption within the shadows of a family’s past. Set in a rustbelt town south of Chicago, this is the story of Bruno Konick, a troubled veteran of World War II, and his grandson Luke, a boy forever dreaming of heroism in a post-Vietnam America. Examining the relationships between fathers and sons, between men and hictory, this novel echoes Hemingway's actuality, and Buckman’s vision heeds Faulkner's call for basic humanity.

"[Water in Darkness] should carry an R-rating, but unlike the average movie, it earns these elements . . ."
—Publishers Weekly

Daniel Buckman was born in 1967 and served as a paratrooper with the US Army. He lives in Chicago.

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About the Book

A novel examining the complex relationships between fathers and sons, between men and history.


Daniel Buckman is the author of Water in Darkness, The Names of Rivers, and Morning Dark. His fourth novel, Wet Trees, is forthcoming in 2006. A former paratrooper and journalist, Buckman lives and works in Chicago.