by Alice Bowsher

Published by: Cicada Books

32 Pages, 8.85 x 8.27 in, Color illustrations throughout

  • Hardcover
  • 9781908714787
  • Published: October 2020


Striking illustrations and use of colour bring this simple narrative tale to life and a smile to your face. --The Book Activist

Nourishing and hilarious twenty minutes. --School Reading List

What came first - dogs that look like their owners or owners that look like their dogs?

I wanted a dog... This one was perfect! Nobody wanted him because he looked scruffy.... but I’m a scruffy guy so that suited me just fine. After picking out the scruffiest dog at the pound, the narrator is surprised to find that Scruff isn’t what he initally seemed. He doesn’t want to catch sticks... or roll in the mud or swim in the pond. What could be the problem? It turns out that Scruff just loves being pampered! So the narrator goes along with it. They wash, brush, trim and polish together, until they are anything but scruffy! In their newly groomed state they go to the dog show... but have they done enough to win...? A funny story that is sure to charm dog-mad little ones and their parents.