Surviving in a Ruthless World

Surviving in a Ruthless World

Bob Dylan's Voyage to Infidels

by Terry Gans

Published by: Global Book Sales

256 Pages, 6.00 x 9.00 in, 16 page color plate section

  • Hardcover
  • 9781912733392
  • Published: December 2020


Bob Dylan’s 1983 album Infidels was a departure from his previous works in so many ways – lyrics, music, production and spirit. It is unique amongst Dylan albums, and while songs like ‘Jokerman’ and ‘I and I’ are well known, the album is less so. Surviving in a Ruthless World draws on previously unseen, and unheard resources in The Bob Dylan Archive® in Tulsa. It is the story of the writing and the recording of the album’s eight songs and unreleased tracks from the Infidels project. Author Terry Gans was granted unique permission to write, research and quote from Dylan’s personal notebooks, voluminous song drafts, 49 reels of master session tapes and from reference recordings and documents. Together with interviews with musicians, managers, video producers, and more Terry Gans creates a detailed picture of Bob Dylan creating his art with all of his usual mystery and magic..