Bertha Garlan

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Pub Date: 08/27/2019

Pages: 260

Trim: 4 x 6

Publisher: Green Integer

Imprint: Green Integer

ISBN 13: 9781933382746

ISBN 10: 1933382740

Price: / $16.99 CAN$12.95

Category: FICTION / Literary

Bertha Garlan

By Arthur Schnitzler

Price: $12.95



About the Book

This 1901 novel by the great Austrian writer deals with a young widowed woman who, following the lead of a libertine friend, travels to Vienna and undertakes an affair with a great violinist she had previously known. Becoming a "liberated woman," she must suddenly deal with the consequences: her lover’s refusal to continue the relationship and the societal pressures of the day.

About the Book

An important novel by the great Austrian writer, Arthur Schnitzler.


Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1930), the Austrian author and doctor, is probably best known for his plays 'La Ronde' and 'Liebelei'. His early years were marked by a particular interest in the emergent science of psychology and his writings anticipate Freud's psychopathological theories.