The Roadmap to the Parenting Plan Worksheet

The Roadmap to the Parenting Plan Worksheet

Putting Parenting Priorities in the Context of Research, Theory and Case Law

by Benjamin Garber

Published by: High Conflict Institute Press

148 pages, 8.50 x 11.00 in, Annotated images of worksheets included throughout

  • Paperback
  • 9781936268344
  • Published: May 2018


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The Parenting Plan Worksheet is the conscientious caregiver’s only developmentally-informed means of creating a child-centered parenting plan. Sixteen discrete but interlocking modules allow parents singly or together to better understand the intricate decisions that will guide the future allocation of their parenting rights and responsibilities.
This book, The Roadmap to The Parenting Plan Worksheet, is the professional’s guide to using the Parenting Plan Worksheet. The Roadmap dissects the sixteen component modules of the Worksheet, presenting case law, theory and empirical discussion.
Mediators, parenting coordinators, lawyers and courts use the Roadmap to guide parents through the rocky terrain that can lead to the creation of a child-centered, developmentally-informed parenting plan.