Action in the Orchards

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Pub Date: 04/23/2019

Pages: 144

Publisher: Nightboat Books

Imprint: Nightboat Books

ISBN 13: 9781937658984

ISBN 10: 1937658988

Price: / $24.50 CAN$16.95

Action in the Orchards

By Fred Schmalz

Price: $16.95



About the Book

Action in the Orchards’ explores ekphrastic poetry and its possibilities through experiences and encounters, with art and architecture, with friends and lovers, with our own pasts and futures, how they intersect with language, and how language acts as a filter through which our relations to experiences are communicated. Fred Schmalz follows the energy of those exchanges, in hopes of witnessing new opportunities for language. Formally experimental and musical, the poems coalesce through a kaleidoscopic mix of speech fragments, elision, mistranslation, collage, appropriated language, dream transcription, and wordplay.

About the Book

A debut collection of playfully irreverent ekphrastic poems inspired by the author’s engagement with art, architecture and music


Fred Schmalz is an artist and poet whose current work focuses on textual response to encounters with dance, music, and visual art. He makes art in collaboration with Susy Bielak as Balas & Wax and has performed in a variety of contexts, collaborating with dancers, artists, musicians, and performers. A pamphlet, “Measures” appeared in the Present Tense series in 2016. His field guide “Claes Oldenburg’s Festival of Living Objects” was published in conjunction with a series of gallery walks by the Walker Art Center in 2013. He is the author of the chapbooks documenta 13 Daybook and Ticket. Recent writing has appeared in publications including Spinning Jenny, Conduit, jubilat, A Public Space, and We Are So Happy to Know Something. He edits and publishes the micropress Swerve Press.