Olor a perfume de viejita

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Pub Date: 11/20/2018

Pages: 320

Trim: 5 x 7

Publisher: Cinco Puntos Press

Imprint: Cinco Puntos Press

ISBN 13: 9781941026960

ISBN 10: 1941026966

Price: $9.95 / $10.99 CAN

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Death & Dying

Olor a perfume de viejita

By Claudia Guadalupe Martinez, Luis Humberto Crosthwaite

Price: $9.95



About the Book

Claudia Martinez’ debut novel for young adults is a bittersweet story about death, family and the resilient emotional strength of the human heart. Chela Gonzalez, the book’s narrator, is a nerd and a soccer player who can barely contain her excitement about starting the sixth grade. But nothing is as she imagined—her best friend turns on her to join the popular girls and they all act like Chela doesn’t exist. She buries herself in schoolwork and in the warm comfort of her family. To Chela, her family is like a solar system, with her father the sun and her mother, brothers and sister like planets rotating all around him. It’s the only world she fits in.

But that universe is threatened when her strong father has a stroke. Chela’s grandmother moves in to help the family. The smell of her old lady perfume invades the house. That smell is worse than Sundays. Sundays were sad, but they went just as sure as they came, but death was a whole other thing, and Chela doesn’t understand that’s what everyone is waiting for. In her grief and worry, Chela begins to discover herself and find her own strength.

About the Book

Chela faces the challenges of sixth grade after losing her father, her very best friend. Now available in Spanish.


Claudia Guadalupe Martinez grew up in El Paso, Texas. She learned that letters form words from reading the subtitles of old westerns for her father who always misplaced his glasses. At age six, she already knew she wanted to create stories. Her father encouraged her to dream big and write a book or two one day. Although he passed away when Claudia was eleven, her mother, family and many others continued to encourage her writing.

She went on to receive a degree in literature from Claremont McKenna College on a full ride and later moved to Chicago to become one of the city’s youngest non-profit executives before turning her attention to the completion of her first book, The Smell of Old Lady Perfume.

Luis Humberto Crosthwaite was born in Tijuana, Mexico, on February 28th, 1962. Pisces (so what else is new?). Son of Aurora, also called "La Yoya." Crosses into the United States "legally" since birth. Learned English by watching The Flintstones (still doesn't understand why yabadabadoo isn't in Webster's). Teresa's husband (thank God). Tall guy with glasses. Father of Santiago and Josue. Jefe at a small press called Yoremito (but who isn't?). Whoever looks into his heart can see the Pacific Ocean. Ah, those beautiful sunsets! Chinese food. Several books. Beer. Artichokes. Did I mention Teresa's big brown eyes?


Latinidad’s Best Middle Grade Book
Southwest Books of the Year Award, Pima County Public Library
Best of the Best, 2008, Chicago Public Library
Américas Award Commended Title
Texas Institute of Letters’ Best Young Adult Book Award
Paterson Prize for Books for Young People