The Fallen Star

The Fallen Star

The Nocturnals Book 3

The Nocturnals

by Tracey Hecht

Illustrated by Kate Liebman

Published by: Fabled Films Press

208 pages, 5.25 x 8.00 in, 23 color illustrations

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781944020071
  • Published: April 2018


  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9781944020057
  • Published: May 2017


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"The books celebrate the very meaningful idea of friendship."—Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

In the third middle grade chapter book, The Fallen Star, Dawn, Tobin, and Bismark awaken to disaster! A meteor has landed, blue lights glow near the crater, and animals are strangely affected. As the Nocturnal Brigade investigates, they encounter Iris, a strange aye-aye, who claims moon monsters are to blame. The Nocturnal Brigade suspects a more earthly explanation and bands together to find the answers. In the end, the Nocturnal Brigade—Dawn, Tobin, and Bismark—solves this mystery and unites the forest.

Download the series's complimentary printable online activities at animal mask crafts, bingo, word games, discussion questions, and Common Core Language Arts and Next Generation Science educator guides.
Bonus full color illustrations at the start of each chapter (Ages 8-10)

The Nocturnals is a critically acclaimed middle grade chapter book series following three unlikely friends—Dawn, a serious fox, Tobin, a sweet pangolin, and Bismark, a pint-sized sugar glider. Discover the friendships, teamwork, and humor as the Nocturnal Brigade solves the unpredictable mysteries of the night.

The adventure continues in The Hidden Kingdom, the fourth book of The Nocturnals series by Tracey Hecht. When Dawn, Tobin, and Bismark travel to a distant watering hole, the ground swirls, bark jumps off trees, and tumbleweeds chase after them. Is the forest suddenly alive? Only the Nocturnals can solve the mystery and unite the forest!