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Pub Date: 12/12/2017

Pages: 240

Publisher: White Pine Press

Imprint: White Pine Press

ISBN 13: 9781945680106

ISBN 10: 1945680105

Price: $18.00 / $23.99 CAN

Category: POETRY / European / German


By Jose Oliver, Marc James Mueller

Price: $18.00



About the Book

"Oliver's dream of "an open language," which mixes the cadences and inflections of his Andalusian roots with the inventive possibilities of German, reminds us that foreignness is our true condition. He bridges ethnic and non-ethnic German in sandscript, which explores some of the same broken terrain mapped by another brave traveler in the language, Paul Celan, and what he encounters line by line is a self that is at once foreign and familiar: "my poem my word." Here is the work of a man who is 'German and still not German, Spanish and still not Spanish, on the move: Me.' You will find him everywhere." —Christopher Merrill, author of Necessities

José F.A. Oliver is considered one of the most important poets of his generation in Germany. He has published more than fourteen volumes of poetry.

About the Book

Oliver’s poems explore the foreignness 'outside' and the foreignness 'inside' oneself, to teach his readers to live as the other.


Jose Oliver: José F.A. Oliver is one of the most important poets of his generation in Germany, and one of the most significant inter-cultural writers of German language today. To date he has published more than 14 volumes of poetry, and has received numerous awards.

Marc James Mueller: Marc James Mueller has taught as Associate Professor at Montana State University in Bozeman (MT). In 2015 he returned with his family to Germany and works as professional translator in Hamburg. Sandscript is his first book-length translation volume.