Creating Sculptures in Hotel Rooms Around the World

by Noah Kalina

Contributions by Zach Vitale

Published by: Yoffy Press

Imprint: Yoffy Press

96 Pages, 7.62 x 10.25 in, color photos throughout

  • Hardcover
  • 9781949608137
  • Published: December 2019


When we think of beds, we usually think of them as neatly made, waiting to be used. Noah Kalina wanted to undo that, to pull back the covers and sculpt a monumental shape out of the fabric where our bodies would be, and where our bodies have been, as both a still-life (of the materials of sleep) and a portrait (of someone's presence). Bedmounds is the culmination of Kalina’s long-term project creating and capturing sculptural forms in the middle of beds around the world. The mounds appear to take on anthropomorphic qualities, highlighting the relationship between presence and absence. Bedmounds takes a common scene and adds a twist – subverting what we are expecting to see by inserting something unanticipated.