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Pub Date: 11/05/2019

Pages: 154

Trim: 5 x 8

Publisher: Charco Press

Imprint: Charco Press

ISBN 13: 9781999859329

ISBN 10: 1999859324

Price: / $22.95 CAN$15.95

Category: FICTION / Literary


By Julián Fuks, Daniel Hahn

Price: $15.95



About the Book

‘My brother is adopted, but I can’t say and don’t want to say that my brother is adopted. If I say this, if I speak these words that I have long taken care to silence, I reduce my brother to a single categorical condition, a single essential attribute…’

A young couple, involved in the struggle against the military dictatorship in 1970s Argentina, must flee the country. The brutality and terror of the regime is closing in around them. Friends are being ‘disappeared’. Their names are on a list. Time is running out. When they leave, they take with them their infant son, adopted after years of trying for a child without success. They build a new life in Brazil and things change radically. The family grows as the couple have two more children: a son and a daughter.

Resistance unfolds as an intimate portrayal of the formation of a family under extraordinary circumstances, told from the point of view of the youngest child. It’s an examination of identity, of family bonds, of the different forms that exile can take, of what it means to belong to a place, to a family, to your own past.

Already the winner of numerous international prizes, Resistance demonstrates remarkable courage and skill by one of Brazil’s rising literary stars.

  • Winner of the Jabuti Award for Book of the Year (Brazil)
  • Winner of the Oceanos Prize for Literature in Portuguese 2016
  • Winner of the José Saramago Literary Prize 2017 (Portugal)
  • Winner of the Anna Seghers Prize 2018 (Germany)
  • Recently longlisted for the 2019 Republic of Consciousness Prize (UK - final results yet to be announced)

‘A brilliant achievement.’ Le Monde

Named in The Guardian’s‘Best fiction for 2018’

About the Book

Adoption, exile and family are the focus of this exploration of what it means to belong.


Julián Fuks was born in São Paulo in 1981 and is the son of Argentinian parents. As an author whose work has garnered several top international literary prizes, Julián Fuks has gained recognition as one of Brazil’s most outstanding young writers. He has worked as a reporter for the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo and as a reviewer for the magazine Cult. Fuks is the author of Histórias de literatura e cegueira (2007) and Procura do romance (2011), both shortlisted for the Oceanos Award as well as for the Jabuti Award. During 2017, Julián Fuks worked alongside Mia Couto as part of the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. Considered by Fuks to be his most important work to date, Resistance was the winner of the Jabuti Award for Book of the Year (2016), the Oceanos Prize (2016), the José Saramago Literary Prize (2017) and the Anna Seghers Prize (2018). He currently lives in São Paulo.