Giant Seek and Find

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Pub Date: 04/12/2016

Pages: 20

Trim: 11 x 16

Publisher: Auzou

Imprint: Auzou

ISBN 13: 9782733839416

ISBN 10: 2733839411

Price: $24.95

Category: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Activity Books

Giant Seek and Find

By Benjamin Bécue, Didier Balicevic, Annabelle Mège

Price: $24.95


Board book

About the Book

Giant Seek and Find is an amazing book because of its size and all its detailed settings! Children will have fun for hours finding the ten recurring characters and the forty elements per page.

Benjamin Bécue is a young creative illustrator. His illustrations are witty and colorful.

Didier Balicevic graduated from the Fine Arts School of Strasbourg in France. He works with publishers and the media on projects dedicated to young readers.

Annabelle Mège likes to creates games and illustrate books for children.

About the Book

A book that offers hours and hours of playtime!


Benjamin Bécue is a young creative illustrator whose illustrations stand out as witty and colorful. His playful illustrations found in Auzou's Seek and Find series keeps children entertained for hours.