Monuments of Power

Photographs by Simon Walther

Published by: Braun Publishing AG

192 pages, 9.50 x 13.00 in, Color illustrations throughout

  • Hardcover
  • 9783716518496
  • Published: January 2020


Pioneering feats of industrialization and electrification, the around 200 retaining walls, weirs, and dams in the Swiss Alps are to this day among the most important built monuments of the country's economic success. With their perfectly crafted architecture, these functional marvels emanate an almost sacral tranquility. Photographer Simon Walther has been captivated by their magic: fascinated by the interaction between nature and technology in the harsh conditions of the alpine climate, he presents the energy and power inherent in every flood barrier in all four seasons in a surprising light. Some walls dominate the landscape with their weighty mass, while others almost seamlessly fit into it. At the same time, in his photographs each dam stands as an independent work of art in Switzerland's untamed nature.