What's that Terrible Growl?

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Pub Date: 06/04/2019

Pages: 32

Trim: 10 x 10

Publisher: NubeOcho

Imprint: NubeOcho

ISBN 13: 9788417123550

ISBN 10: 8417123555

Price: $15.95

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Family / Siblings

What's that Terrible Growl?

By A. H. Benjamin, Merel Eyckerman

Price: $15.95



About the Book

Let the anticipation build with each turn of the page as it introduces another possible cause of the big Growl: a hungry, ferocious lion; a mean, ugly ogre; a ten-eyed spotting creature from outer space. But in the end, it might just be something or someone a lot smaller than expected.

About the Book

What is that terrible growl? A big bear, a lion, a dragon, an ogre, a giant worm... Who growls like that? Sometimes the strangest sounds can be made by someone very small.


An established children’s author who has been writing books since the mid-eighties. He has been published by Andersen Press, O.U.P, Little Tiger Press, Franklin Watts, Q.E.D and many other big publishing houses. Up to now he has written 43 books which have sold worldwide with over 25 translations. Some of his work has been adapted for radio, television and theatre.Merel Eyckerman has illustrated picture books, primary readers and magazines since 2003. Apart from Belgium and The Netherlands her work is published in many countries, including China, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France and the United States. Her work exudes atmosphere and is recognizable in elegance and great precision, in a muted-colour palette.