Creative Drawing

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Pub Date: 10/15/2019

Pages: 480

Trim: 4 x 7

Publisher: Hoaki Books

Imprint: Hoaki

ISBN 13: 9788417656119

ISBN 10: 8417656111

Price: / $25.99 CAN$19.95

Category: ART / Techniques / Life Drawing

Creative Drawing

By Albrecht Rissler

Price: $19.95



About the Book

Intended for creative professionals and amateurs alike, this book offers 100 tips, resources and techniques for those who want to take their drawing skills to the next level. Through the work of contemporary artists, amateurs and even children, the author gives the basic concepts of this art form: color, line and style. With his characteristical sense of humor, clarity and direct style, his lessons and tips will engage the reader.

About the Book

This book provides tips and techniques for improving anyone's drawing skills.


Albrecht Rissler began his career as an instructor for artistic-technical classes, but quit the teaching profession in 1980 to found an illustration studio. He has published several books for children and on drawing and composition techniques for photographers. He taught at Merz Academy in Stuttgart as an associate professor in 1987, and then earned a professorship at FH Mainz University of Applied Sciences, where he taught illustration from 1988-2007. Since 2005, Rissler has been an associate professor at the Art Academy in Bad Reichenhall.