The Sketchbook of a Gentleman: Tuscany

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Pub Date: 05/07/2019

Pages: 96

Publisher: Global Book Sales

Imprint: NHP Publishing

ISBN 13: 9789187815270

ISBN 10: 9187815273

Price: / $24.99 CAN$19.00

The Sketchbook of a Gentleman: Tuscany

By Robin Lucas

Price: $19.00



About the Book

Edward’s adventures now take him to Tuscany, Italy. Here we see our Gentleman traveling through the rolling Tuscan countryside experiencing mediaeval hill towns, beautiful landscapes and sumptuous food and Italian lifestyle. The aim of this project is to produce a series of small sketchbooks that give a real flavour of iconic places around the world through the eyes of Edward - our modern gentleman.

About the Book

A collection of whimsical illustrations of Edward’s adventures as imagined by the illustrator Robin Lucas.


Robin Lucas is a British illustrator and designer. He always has a sketchbook on the go, and he has a particular fascination with the natural world, interiors, gardens, history, and travel. After studying biology at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, Robin spent time working at the World of Interiors magazine before starting his own studio specialising in illustration, and design.