Animal Media Group LLC

Animal Media Group LLC is a Pittsburgh-based independent video and publishing company. Our award-winning documentaries have been shown at film festivals around the world and our books have been shipped to readers in twenty-two countries. In 2017, our ABC-TV series Downward Dog will premiere. The show is the brainchild of one of our owners, Michael Killen, and it is only the second TV show to be filmed and produced in the Pittsburgh area. (The only other show that was filmed and produced in Pittsburgh? Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood!) We are dedicated to publishing a wide range of stories by authors overlooked by the major corporate publishers. Our adherence to high production values, editorial integrity, and diversity enables readers to know that anything sporting the Animal Media Group logo comes with the guarantee that it’s worth checking out. The goal of the company is to marry our two sides, film and books, together-we aim to develop our books into TV and film projects and vice versa. From our documentaries, we have released two companion books. This synergy between video and publishing will continue to grow through the years as we look to publish between five to eight books annually and to produce several long- and short-form documentaries as well.