Auzou has been publishing books for more than forty years, and with such experience we fully understand the demands of the children's book market. Recognized among the first fifteen most successful publishing houses in France, our aim is to continue every day to imagine new titles and to look for the most creative illustrators. For two years now, Auzou has committed to a new challenge: to translate our bestsellers and to create new ones just for the North American market. Since 2012, we have been publishing in English and submitting to American readers our most beautiful stories and our most original and creative illustrations. Three major sections make our catalog: Early childhood: Aimed at helping toddlers discover the world they live in while making them participate and interact. Whether it's recognizing the smells of fruits with the First Book of Smells and Colors, or the sounds of animals with My Little Sound Books, toddlers will always learn better while playing! Albums and novelty books: Dedicated to children mostly aged between six and twelve, when they start to discover the books on their own and sometimes to read by themselves. Our most representative character is the charismatic Wolf! Already a hero in the Little Picture Books collection, this character brings the children along in his adventures. With them, you will discover the world or even be a singer for a moment! The Big Picture Books collection will please our older readers. Children will discover the worldwide stories of White Fang, Romeo and Juliet, or Cleopatra. Educational books: A priority for Auzou. Discovering animals with My Book of Animals or understanding how science works with our bestseller My Little Handbook of Experiments is always interesting! Hope you'll enjoy our titles!