Beehive Books

Beehive Books is committed to creating beautifully made editions of distinctive literary and pictorial works with singular design sensibilities, unmatched production values, and an emphasis on comics and graphic art. Our line of small-batch artists’ books, magazines, graphic novels, print portfolios, and monographs is intended to open new avenues of thinking, understanding, and creating. Our team at Beehive is drawn to the strange and wondrous. We like art that’s moving, frightening, revelatory, and alive. We like forgotten geniuses, lost works, and mysterious tomes. We like pictograms and cryptographs, enigmatic historical artifacts, and inexplicable interdimensional zines. We like gleaming draftsmanship and outsider vision, pronouncements from the mountaintop and urgent cries in the dark. We like marginalized voices and redrawn maps with courses charted for bold new worlds. We like books and artworks that crackle and seethe with true, unmistakable magic. As front-line literary evangelists, we suspect you like these things too. The audience for these books is looking for literature and artwork that lies off the charted course—but lovers of the weird and unique tend to love with their whole heart. So our ongoing mission is to continue to grow our committed group of readers, collectors, code-breakers, archivists, infonauts, futurists, scholars, fellow-travelers, and literary adventurists who help us make the impossible possible. We called our company Beehive because we can’t do it alone. An awe-inspiring mega-structure like a beehive can only be the work of many. We hope to imitate our apian friends and erect an impressively designed, hyper-efficient sweetness factory.