Kube Publishing Ltd


Established in 2007, Kube Publishing Ltd seeks to lead a new wave in Muslim publishing. It handles the well-established Islamic Foundation imprint, now in its fourth decade with over 250 titles published, which has a proven track record in Qur’an commentary, Islamic economics, and children’s fiction (for ages three to fourteen). The new imprint, Kube Publishing, seeks to reflect the Muslim experience through history, biography, memoir, politics, current affairs, and poetry. Kube Publishing intends to publish at least ten new titles each year, looking to educate, inspire, and entertain. In 2009–2010 Kube Publishing will be bringing out a number of exciting titles, including a children’s detective series staring Ibrahim Khan; Islam in Victorian Britain, the first full-length biography of the colorful Abdullah Quilliam, named “Sheikh al-Islam of the British Isles” by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II; the accessible guide Discovering the Ottomans by one of Turkey’s leading historians, Ilber Ortayli; and For Whom The Troubadour Sings, a lyrical new collection from the Coloradan poet and singer Dawud Wharnsby.