Prospect Park Books

The mission at Prospect Park Books is fivefold: 1. To work in partnership with talented writers, designers, and artists to produce outstanding books. 2. To position and market those books for strong and steady sales. 3. To help writers and artists build both successful careers and long-term relationships with Prospect Park. 4. To work with and support the bookselling community by being accessible, responsive, and innovative. 5. To build a work environment around collaboration, creativity, intelligence, conviviality, good humor, and kindness. Prospect Park Books was born in 2006 when Colleen Dunn Bates, then a freelance writer and editor, set out to build an independent press that truly works collaboratively with authors, designers, photographers, and artists to produce high-quality books. The focus in the early years was on regional titles, including the award-winning regional bestsellers Hometown Pasadena and EAT: Los Angeles. Now headed by publisher Bates and associate publisher Patty O'Sullivan, Prospect Park has grown. We're publishing national books in four areas: • Fiction • Humor • Cooking/food • Children's Our job is to find the best talent, primarily on the West Coast, and work closely with them to produce and market great books. We have done that successfully with such authors as Lian Dolan, Jennifer Worick, Sue Campoy, Diane Lang, Joseph Shuldiner, and Christine Moore, and as the pages that follow illustrate, more great writers are joining us in 2013 and beyond.